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About Us活動内容と入会

Join Us入会

To build a beautiful future

Welcome to the mysterious world of mathematics (May 5th, 2015)

<The "Type of membership", "Admission fee" and "Annual fee">
Our NPO is supported by the individuals and organizations members.
In order to achieve the big goals and dreams,
it will be a high annual fee if you become a regular member.

The type of membership Admission fee Annual fee
Individual regular member
0 Yen
5,000 Yen
Organizational regular member
0 Yen
360,000 Yen
Individual approval member
0 Yen
Arbitrary amount
Organizational approval member
0 Yen
Arbitrary amount

<How to apply>
Please fill the attachment membership application, and send to our office by airmail.
When the application form arrived, we will contact you soon.
※ If you can not get any response from us, please contact us by Email here.




NPO Mathematics and Technology Promotion “MathMathGood”

The list of group supporter正会員(団体)リスト

Coming Soon 準備中

Coming Soon 準備中

The list of personal supporter正会員(個人)リスト

Coming Soon 準備中

Coming Soon 準備中