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Math Lab

MathMathGood started a workshop to provide an opportunity
for everyone from kids to adults to study mathematics pleasantly.

In this workshop, we provide creative Math Olympiad problems for
students to experience both entertaining and brainstorming adventures!

Please attend our workshop for more fun of mathematics.

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Rubik Puzzles

The Rubik's cube is a good example to train oneself in spacial recognition,
an essential ability in terms of studying mathematical and scientific
models such as spacetime diagrams.

In this workshop, students will be able learn and study all kinds of
three-dimensional puzzles including the Rubik's cube through lectures
dense with excellent content.

Please attend our workshop if you want to know more about puzzles.

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Programming is one of the critical talents in society that anyone can learn.

In this workshop, we provide a space for students to practicw and learn
basic source codes including C++, Java, and Linux.

Please attend our workshop if you would like to know about coding.

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